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Fall in love with the hospitality industry by turning Your business strategy into a luscious affair.

Services provided by Affair 212

Top-notch service strategy

Devil is in the detail, as well as exceptional service. World-class strategies are irreplaceable while creating profitable hospitality industry venues.

Brand fundamentals

This rejuvenating therapy for Your established brand is designed to empower its unique identity. Side effects may include relentless inspiration and exceptional brand recognition.

Right people - right seats

Set Yourself up for success by forming the right, cooperative, and driven team.

The art of menu crafting

We take pride in creating extraordinary and profitable menus. We see it as a mixture of art, human psychology, scientific research, and deep gastronomic understanding.

Personnel training

Improve Your business efficiency with tailor-made, worldwide experience-based staff training programs. We strongly believe in constant learning, hence our training programs are regularly revamped.

Full management

Affair 212 provides bespoke management of hospitality industry projects, taking care of everything from A to Z if needed.

Digital marketing solutions

Once a strong and unique brand is established, we can provide digital marketing services through social media, paid ads and traditional advertising methods.

Kitchen and bar space engineering

There should be a separate engineering degree in bar and kitchen design. We know all the invisible, but crucial aspects that ensure a comfortable, efficient, and modern working space, that meets all the legal requirements.

Continious Monitoring solutions

Even the most brilliant strategies require constant attention. We provide long-term monitoring services, oriented in spotting all the gaps, invisible for the staff or the owners, and offer practical solutions for productivity and profitability improvement.